Raisin Grilled Cheese

Pecan Raisin Bread

I had forgotten this lunch treat from long ago until last week while buying a panini grill at Macy's. Forty years ago my friends and I frequented a tiny place in the garment district of LA that served grilled cheese on raisin bread with a slice of tomato. That sandwich was a frequent item on the menu as the kids were growing and then somehow was lost in my brain's recipe box.

Harmon's in Utah carries a wonderful artisan pecan raisin bread which I bought and had sliced on #11. I coated both sides of two pieces of bread with butter, layered a slice of sharp cheddar and tomato, then toasted it in the grill. You could do the same with a frying pan, turning the sandwich until it was done on both sides. Add a side salad for a tasty meal.

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